List of key features
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Thursday, 22 April 2010 20:46
Written by Administrator

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Key features include the following:

* page by page digital images of the entire emblem book, including dedications, additional poems, and Wither's lottery game

*sophisticated search and sort mechanisms that permit users to select and/or sort selected material
translations of all non-English material (mottoes, inscriptions, etc.)

*lemmatization of all non-English words to facilitate searches (e.g. "deo" can be found by searching on both "deo" and "deus". A search on "deus" will find all instances of the noun, regardless of its case)
picture descriptions that can be searched to find the key iconographic features of each picture
navigation "buttons" that help the user move easily to different locations in the emblem book
transcripts into modern English (not American) orthography of the complete text. Not visible to the user, but essential to the search and sort mechanisms, this feature permits users to find, for example, "flowre" or "Ioyne" when searching for "flower" or "join" respectively

*detailed bibliographical material, including a bibliography of editions of A Collection of Emblemes, a bibliography of Wither's other writings, a bibliography of works frequently attributed to Wither, a copy of the relevant entry in The Union Catalogue of Emblem Books

*Daly and Young planned initially to publish their edition in CD-Rom format. In creating their edition, they used a a relatively inexpensive commercial database software that permits the creation of run-time applications that are cross-platform (PC and Mac). The same software permits the creation of networked applications and web publication. A version of their edition is now available through Studiolum. The editors envision web publication as a future possibility.

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