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Peter M. Daly

Peter M. Daly, a long-time friend and colleague of Alan Young, is Professor Emeritus of McGill University. He is a graduate of the University of Bristol, and the Universität Zürich. His professional career in Canada and the U.S. has included positions at the University of New Brunswick, the University of Saskatchewan at Regina, the University of Manitoba, McGill University and a visiting position as Chair of Excellence in the Humanities at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His major research and publishing activities are in the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literatures of Germany and England with special reference to verbal-visual relationships. This includes not only the emblem, but also modern analogues in advertising and propaganda. Together with a group of Canadian, American and European colleagues he established the journal Emblematica (New York: AMS Press), and two monographic series, "AMS Studies in the Emblem," and "AMS Studies in German Literature and Culture." He is also general editor of the Index Emblematicus project (University of Toronto Press), and the bibliographic series "Corpus Librorum Emblematum" (Toronto: University of Toronto Press). With McGill colleagues he launched the series "McGill European Studies" (New York: Peter Lang) in 1997. Brepols (Belgium Turnhout) inaugurated in 1998 a new monographic series "Imago Figurata" with Peter Daly, John Manning (Lampeter, Wales) and Karel Porteman (Leuven) as editors. Daly has written, co-authored, edited or co-edited over 30 books, and numerous articles and essays. In addition to research grants from the Canada Council, the SSHRC, and various Canadian universitites, he has received research awards from the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, and the Konrad Adenauer Forschungspreis. His most recent books on emblematic topics include the following: (ed.) with Daniel S. Russell, Emblematic Perceptions: Festschrift for William S. Heckscher (1997); with G. Richard Dimler, S.J., The Jesuit Series. Part One, “Corpus Librorum Emblematum” (1997); Literature in the Light of the Emblem: Structural Parallels between Literature and the Emblem in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, 2nd revised and expanded ed. (1998); (ed.) with Mary V. Silcox, in collaboration with Leslie T. Duer, Beert Verstraete, and assisted by Rüdiger Meyer, The English Tradition, Volume Four, Index Emblematicus (1998); (ed.) with John Manning, Aspects of Renaissance and Baroque Symbol Theory (1999); (ed.) with Hans J. Böker. The Emblem and Architecture: Studies in Applied Emblematics from the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries (1999); (ed.) with G. Richard Dimler S.J., and Rita Haub. Emblematik und Kunst der Jesuiten in Bayern: Einfluß und Wirkung (2000); with G. Richard Dimler, S.J., The Jesuit Series, Part Two, "Corpus Librorum Emblematum" (2000).

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