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Thursday, 22 April 2010 19:20
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The MIT "Ramparts" Project

The only part of the database that is publically accessible is a segment related to Hamlet 1.04 and 1.05 (the "ramparts" scenes). This segment is part of the MIT "Ramparts uot; website, itself a sample from the MIT Shakespeare Electronic Archive. To go directly to the Hamlet Art Database on the "Ramparts" site, click on this address. Included with the wealth of material made available on the "Ramparts" site (texts, films, etc.) are 237 digitized images of art works depicting the "ramparts" scenes. These have been extracted from the database, together with some of the information concerning them. However, this material is not set up to operate in the manner of a database; it is not searchable, and its records cannot be sorted. It is still of great value in that it offers a record of the variety of ways in which artists responded to one of the most dramatic sections of the play.

Sample Page from MIT "Ramparts" Project Showing Art Database

Sample Page from MIT Shakespeare Electronic Research Archive Showing Art Database

Please note that entry to the full MIT Shakespeare Electronic Archive
requires a username and password. The site offers the means
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For some additional information concerning the MIT Shakespeare Electronic Archive, the project history, goals, and classroom system, this site is quite helpful.

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