Research Interests
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Alan Young's principal research interests are Shakespeare; Renaissance Literature; the Emblem; Atlantic Canadian Fiction; Hypermedia; Teaching & Technology.

His most recent books are Hamlet and the Visual Arts, 1709-1900 (2002), Punch and Shakespeare in the Victorian Era (2007), Roads Taken. A Memoir (2014), and Steam-Driven Shakespeare or Making Good Books Cheap: Five Victorian Illustrated Editions (2017). On 28 April 2010, he launched his online essay and Website on "Ophelia, Popular Culture, and Web 2.0" (click here: Ophelia).

He was responsible for the database of art images of Hamlet that is part of the M.I.T. project to create an electronic Shakespeare Reseach Archive. For a sample of the M.I.T. project, see this site: (This site was selected as one of the best educational resources on the Web by StudySphere in 2006). See also: this address.

Further projects:

a) digital edition of George Wither's A Collection of Emblemes (1635), created by Alan Young and Peter Daly

b) a CD of the emblem books of George Wither and Gabriel Rollenhagen. This is now available as part of the Studiolum project.

c) an online essay on "Punch, Victorian Burlesque, and Shakespeare's Macbeth."

d) a database of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century images of Hamlet.

e) an online essay on "Hamlet and the Visual Arts, 1709-1900" (

f) Shakespeare for SCANS (Shakespeare for SCANS )